Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving. We had a fairly laid-back day. We drove south to Lynchburg to spend the day with my family: My parents, my sister SuperTeacher, my brother-in-law LawnRanger, and my adorable niece SmilingEyes (who will be one on Pearl Harbor Day next week). My cousin LostHippy stopped by with my aunt for awhile, too-- it was nice seeing them.

It was a day of hanging out, watching football and eating ourselves into a coma. What better way to spend Thanksgiving? Unfortunately, Dallas won the second game and since the much-hyped third game between the Cardinals and the Eagles-- the only one worth watching, since the other two were destined to be, and were, in fact, blowouts-- was only being shown on the NFL Network, we didn't get to see it. NFL Network is evil. May their black little souls rot in Hell.

Lots to be thankful for this year. Tweak came back after a week on the lam, so that was wonderful. Everyone is healthy and well. SmilingEyes is doing well and keeping her occupational and physical therapists amazed with her progress. We missed my stepdaughter MonkeyChild this year, but she had made plans with her mom, so that was fine.

This morning the cats are enjoying having me around and are putting on quite a show. Razor and Kaos have been conspiring to break into the food locker, so I put a small screwdriver through the latch to slow them down. That took about 24 hours for them to figure out. Now they knock the screwdriver out, flip the locker over, paw at the door until it falls open, then feed at the trough. This is the same food that is in their bowls, not three feet away from the locker, but apparently it tastes better if you hunt it down yourself. Dry kitty crunchies are like that.

Patches, our grumpy old lady cat, has joined us downstairs and has spent the morning issuing warning growls to any cat who comes too close, but especially to the boys, who are staging a tri-level tag-team wrestling match. Cinnamon and Tweak have found good sleeping spots out of the line of fire and seem to be enjoying the show.

Lots to do today, now that I finally have time to clean. Not very exciting, but a nice change of pace. Off to vaccuum...

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Lillyofmine said...

I hope Patchie cat is still doing ok. Silly little thing. Sounds like your newist additions are a handful. Who needs cable right? Lol.