Saturday, December 27, 2008

Found again

Baby Jesus has been restored to the manger.  He was hiding out in the fireplace (fortunately, not the one with the woodstove).  I've told my cats that they are going to be struck down for their blasphemy, but they don't seem to care.

Patches is quiet these days and doesn't seem interested in doing much except sleeping and eating.  I gave her some pain medicine today because she was acting like she couldn't get comfortable.  Poor baby.

My brother HokieMan and sister-in-law TropicGal  were showing us pictures of their house and describing the work they've been doing on it since moving in September.  They have really done a lot, and it looks wonderful!  When they bought it, it had white carpeting throughout, and they have replaced that with beautiful hardwood floors and more neutral colors on the walls.  Very nice!  They are enjoying the 80 degree winter weather in Florida and not so much missing the bitter cold.  Twerps.  

My niece is thoroughly enjoying her first year at VaTech and my nephew will be starting a stint with the Marines the summer.  Yikes!  He's excited, and I think he'll be great, don't get me wrong, but getting paid to get shot at?   Really?  At least Bush will be out of office before he goes in.  Otherwise, I'd be pretty upset.

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