Monday, December 15, 2008

That Christmas Spirit

We finally got the tree up last night.  Ok, correction:  I finally got the tree up last night while BikerDude provided color commentary from the couch while carefully monitoring the football games.  The Skins lost and the Cowboys won, so it wasn't a good football day.  Or to quote ESPN's Tuesday Morning Quarterback:  The Potomac Drainage Basin Indigenous Persons, or the Persons, a more accurate geographical and politically correct description.

The cats are delighted that we have installed a kitty condo and dangled cat toys in the middle of the living room.  As soon as I had the tree put together (yes, we went with the economical, pre-existing plastic tree this year on the grounds that if the cats destroy it, we're out nothing because the tree is already over 10 years old and I'm pretty sure I've gotten my money's worth out of it already), Kaos climbed it and tried to make a nest on the third row of branches.  After pulling him out of the tree-- twice-- I started stringing the lights.  This gave Razor something to do:  Bite the cords.  So now the exposed cords are covered with jalepeno sauce.  We should be fine as long as he doesn't develop a taste for Mexican food.

This morning wasn't too bad:  Three ornaments in the floor.  But this afternoon when I got home from work, there was a noticable gap in the tree.  This tree is put together by concentric rows of branches that hook into a central post. BikerDude reported that when walked in the door,Kaos was lounging on his back on the third row of branches (from the bottom), swatting at the stuff above him.  He managed to dislodge the entire fourth row of branches and cleared a path in the back of the tree on his way down when he made his exit.

So I have now reassembled the tree and turned on the lights so that the next adventure will involve the thrilling possibility of serious electrocution.

Oh, well.  At least they haven't started peeing on the tree skirt, which my vet reported this morning that her cat has installed as an annual tradition.  

I have also cleared the mantle in order to make room for the nativity set, but Razor has discovered that he can get from the top of the TV to the newly cleared space and artfully arrange his carcass.  I'm not sure how Baby Jesus is going to survive this year... maybe I'll rubber band him to the manger.

Patches update:  The vet worked on her feet this morning and noticed a marked improvment.  There is still some swelling, but they both look much better and she seems to be much more comfortable.  We'll finish up the antibiotics and see where she is.  I'm also going to get a homeopathic herbal formula that supposedly boosts the immune system.  It's certainly not a cure, but it can hopefully improve her overall health and make her more comfortable.

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