Thursday, December 4, 2008

How bad could it be?

Patches, our old lady, tortoiseshell DSH kitty has managed to tear one of her back claws out from the base (ew!), and now seems to have developed an infection in her toe. The recommended treatment is to soak (HAH!) the toe in warm saline solution, but here on Planet Earth this translates into rinsing it as best as you can with warm water and dousing it with hydrogen peroxide. Then, after you catch the cat again, you can apply antibiotic ointment.

Let me say up front that she's remarkably spry for 14, and still has a bad attitude about being forced to do anything that isn't her idea. The toe looks better, but opening the wound meant that when she got away (inevitably), she left a trail of bloody footprints on my nightshirt, the sink, the carpet, the towels, a washcloth and my pillowcase, where she ultimately stopped to wash herself and glower at me. I also have fresh cat scratches on my neck from where she climbed me to get away.

How badly can a creature be hurt who can put up a struggle like that? From now on, BikerDude can take care of his own damn cat!


Lillyofmine said...

Its never good to wrestle with cats, walk through briar patches, or juggle hedgehogs if one is on BLOODTHINNERS! Let me know if you need me to come by and clip little mis priss' nails.

SharonCville said...

We got the nails trimmed. Most of the blood was hers, I should have spelled out! Her poor little toes were bleeding. :-(