Wednesday, December 17, 2008

More Christmas Fun

Our plastic tree is the kind that has a central pole with concentric rings that the branches hook into.  When BikerDude got home from work yesterday, Kaos was lounging on his back on the third row of branches while swatting at the stuff above him.  When he saw BikerDude, he scrambled up and leapt through the back of the tree, dislodging three of the branches from their central holder and leaving a fireman's slide of cleared space down the back of the tree.  When I got home a few minutes later, BikerDude was still laughing.  I reassembled the tree, collected the ornaments, and redecorated.

Old artificial tree was definitely the way to go this year.

I went to Whole Foods last night and got the herbal remedy for Patches that was recommended to me.  It's called Essiac, and I got the dried herbs to make the tea (as opposed to the already prepared tea, which was, like, $32 for a pint sized bottle).  Now, I know that homeopathic medicine has a lot to offer and that many of the people who practice it take it quite seriously, but the instructions on how to brew the tea would be best suited to a biochemistry lab.  I'm supposed to use pure spring water, not tap water, especially not fluoridated tap water.  I know enough about consumer affairs to know that spring water isn't necessarily any purer than tap water, and is in some cases worse.  I'm not sure what fluoride is supposed to do (or undo) with the remedy, but me and my teeth are delighted that it is in the tap water.  I'm going to risk that it won't make or break the difference for Miss Patchy.

So I'm in the middle of preparation.  I have to boil it, let it cool for 10-12 hours, scald it, strain it store it in sterilized Mason jars.  That last is probably not going to happen, since I am not set up for the whole home canning operation.  Call me a lousy housewife.

Yesterday I sent an email to the recalcitrant members of my extended clan who have yet to share a Christmas list.  We drew names this year, so everyone kind of needs to share so that whoever has their name has a clue as to what they want.  Since two of the non-sharers are my brother-in-law LawnRanger and my nephew who is almost 20, I threatened that the nonsharers were in serious danger of getting fuzzy bunny slippers if they didn't pony up soon.  While researching for a picture to add to the email, I found this:

These would be the Monty Python Killer Rabbit With Pointy Teeth slippers.  

These are the Coolest.  Slippers.  Ever.  Someone may be getting these regardless of whether they submit a list!

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Lillyofmine said...

I would like to see you use the Killer bunny slippers tag